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"How queer," Virginia Woolf once observed, "to have so many selves."

Virginia Woolf, hand-printed by Anne Olsen

The Dead Writers’ Salon, October 28th, 6 p.m. at FIREHOUSE8

In the historical tradition of a salon – a meeting with a purpose – the objective is to amuse and inspire. Being Mrs. Robinson, I must add a few more objectives – to enchant, to provoke and to engage. To achieve these objectives, all in attendance must participate by gracing us with your presence. Allow your inner child to come to play.

The Mrs. Robinson Society has hosted salons in the past, but this one needed to invoke the spirit world for many reasons.

1) It’s part of the series – The myth of visible certainty, which is all about shaking us into the present.
2) It’s practically Halloween and Day of the Dead – so what better way to honor the dead, especially those literary firemen who once graced the old Firehouse 8 built in 1916.
3) There is no time like the present – because the past is gone, and there’s no guarantee in the future. All we have is right now. This moment. What’s the best way to commune with our essence – our true spirit? Subdue the ego! Let’s practice letting go. Learn to die before you die. Wearing a costume, or getting into character, is the perfect charade and a better way let go of the ego and the illusion.

I intend to dress in costume and conjure a more silvery side of myself. I will be channeling my dearest authors – Virginia Woolf, Willa Cather, and Alice B. Toklas and reading passages from “To the Light House” and also the “Alice B. Toklas Cook Book.”

What will make this event more special is if you arrive with a few friends, and simply make your own evening, make use of the FIREHOUSE, enjoy a glass of wine “on the house”, pen your own obituary, read a passage from your favorite book, purchase a cocktail from the Rye of the Road fellas, chase some ghost and dance to the Gaucho Gypsy Jazz Band. Of course, I am the queen of flying solo and I believe it’s the best way to make new friends!

I challenge you to act out a persona that has always been with you. Many times we become trapped in a role of our own illusion. Perhaps we only escape it when we’re alone, or in the company of strangers. Wherever you find yourself today, and especially in this moment, rediscover a part of yourself that you may have forgotten, or left behind, or have yet to uncover or unleash. Give it some wings. Come out to play.

Practice being the person you dreamed of - if only for a day. Be more talkative. Or less, if you tend to blab. Be a better listener. Be a provocateur. Stir up some lively conversation. Don’t talk about work. Talk about what makes you feel alive. Ask. Answer. When was the last time you were in some good trouble? Tell a lie. A fabrication. Embellish – at least 30%.

The holy trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. A metaphor for the various facades one man is capable of exhibiting in his lifetime. Who is that person you are today? What side shall you show? I started the Mrs. Robinson Society to honor an aspect of myself that was often misunderstood. I wanted to give her a voice and be my own role model. Today there are many women proud to call themselves members of the Mrs. Robinson Society. There are few meetings, fewer rules, but we’re long on vigor, wisdom and humor.

It could have been called the Mrs. Buttersworth Society – but we chose to rescue a vintage icon.

Who shall you rescue today?

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